Your Favorite Training Equipment (Part 2)

Paul Anderson trained with the most basic equipment imaginable, and used it to become the strongest man in the world!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The responses are coming in
fast and furious!

What would you take with you
if you were going to a desert
island and could take just
THREE pieces of equipment?

Here are some of your

Already Training This Way!

I've already narrowed my needs
down to the bare minimum of
equipment. It's sort of like
training on a desert island.

I use kettlebells, a free-standing,
heavy duty pull-up bar, and I do
abbreviated training.

Along with fresh air, yard and
a garden, which my wife and I
enjoy doing together, this
Dinosaur is staying fit, and
able to absorb what life
throws at him.

Paul O.


If I had to have just one thing
on a remote island, it would be
my dumbbells. Or rather, one
of them.

I have several adjustable
Olympic dumbbell handles,
and lots of Olympic plates
to use with them.

I would take one handle, an
upgraded set of collars, and
enough weight to load it to
125 pounds.

Committed to memory are
the programs listed in my
dumbbell bible, Dinosaur
Dumbbell Training, so I
would use three programs
utilizing one dumbbell -
one program per workout,
three workouts per week.

By the time I was "rescued"
I wouldn't want to leave!

John G.

Those are good answers!

What about you - what would
YOU take?

Shoot me an email and let
me know.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. John mentioned the "dumbbell
training bible." You can find it right

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Focus
on the essentials, and disregard the
non-essential." - Brooks Kubik

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