Grab Them While You Can!

Bill Hinbern's modern reprints of old-school books and courses are one of the very best resources for authentic, real life, old-school training and lifting.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I just want to give you a
quick heads up.

My buddy Bill Hinbern is
almost completely out of
stock for two great books
on old-time training - and
he's not going to reprint

So this is "last chance to
get them" time.

The books are by W. A.
Pullam, the famed "Wizard
of the Weightlifting World."

They're two of the very
best guides ever written
about how to perform the
old-school lifts - and about
how the old-timers trained.

The titles are:

1. Weightlifting Made Easy
and Interesting


2. How to Use a Barbell

Right now, you can grab
them right here:

But as I said, there aren't
many left - and when they're
gone, they're gone.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik