The Letter of the Day

It doesn't take much equipment to have a fun, effective and result-producing workout.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

This one has to rank as the
letter of the day.

Actually, it was an email -
but you know what I mean.

It's from one of our many
Canadian Dinos, and it's in
response to my email asking
what training equipment you
would take to a desert island.


I was actually in a real-life
situation where I had an
extremely limited choice
of equipment.

I was in my very early 20s,
and worked as a canoe
ranger patrolling remote
regions in the interior of
Algonquin Park.

There was a lot of physical
work that came with the job,
some demanding pure, raw
strength, and others requiring
plenty of endurance.

But at that age, coupled with
a near obsessive desire to get
strong, I felt I needed some-
thing more - and also, some-
thing more specific for

Weight was a factor, of course,
so I thought it over and then
chose ONE item to take with
me for training: a single dumb-
bell bar and enough plates to
give me a total of 75 pounds
when it was fully loaded.

Other than that, I made use of
whatever heavy objects were
available to me, depending on
the location - rocks, logs, and
strong overhanging branches
pull-ups being the primary

Michael D.

Now, THAT is a pretty good

What an excellent adventure -
and what a great way to train!

Has anyone else ever trained
under similar circumstances -
where you had only the most
limited of equipment?

If you did, send me an email
and tell me about it - and I'll
share it with your fellow

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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3. Thought for the Day: "Do what
must, with what you have."

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