The Rumors Are True!

There's a rumor that the weight on the bar is 302 pounds - and that would be true. There's another rumor going around - and it's true, as well. Read about it right here!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

There's a rumor going around
that I wrote up a special Trap
Bar Plus Workout for John
Wood's revised and expanded
Trap Bar Training Guide.

And the rumor is true.

Not only that, but it's a pretty
good workout.

John added it the Guide - and
he's adding some more great
stuff, as well.

That's one of the great things
about Kindle books - you can
keep on adding things to them
very easily.

If you already have a copy of
the little monster, make sure
you have your settings
programed to auto-update
the latest version.

The update comes to you at
no charge. Consider it a bonus,
and a way of saying THANK
YOU for buying the little

If you don't have the Trap
Bar Training Guide, then
sprint on over and grab
it now - it will have some
seriously good new material:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik