Let's Work Together on this One!

Hail to the Dinoasaurs!

John Wood's updated and expanded
Trap Bar Training Guide has been
selling like hotcakes on Kindle ever
since he released the little monster
on Friday night.

It's currently in three top 10 lists in
the Kindle bookstore:

No. 1 in one list.

No. 2 in another.

No 3 in a third.

So let's try to get him up to no. 1
all three lists.

We can do it by:

1. Buying the book, which you can
do right here:


2. Sharing links to the Kindle page
on Facebook and other social media.

3. Posting reviews on the Kindle page
after you've read the book.

4. Telling your gym buddies and training
partners about the book.

5. Posting photos or video of your own
Trap Bar workouts on social media, and
including a link to John's Kindle page or
a thumbs up for the book in the photo

6. Send me an email with a short review
or thumbs up for the book, and I'll share
it with the Dino Nation.

7. Post reviews for any of my books on
Kindle and tell people that if they like my
book, they're going to like John Wood's
Trap Bar Training Guide, as well.

My Kindle books are here:


In other words, let's do everything we
can to create a social media firestorm
for The Trap Bar Training Guide.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. I'm going to post this on the Dinosaur
Training Blog and link it to Facebook. Be sure
to go to my Facebook page and hit the LIKE
button for the link to the post -- and then
SHARE the link. If we all do that, things
will kick into double over-drive!