Continuing the Tradition of Peary Rader's IronMan Magazine

Abe Boshes shows old-school, all-natural strength and development in this classic photo. The Dinosaur Files teaches the secrets of old-school training.   

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Everybody over a certain age has
fond memories of the old-school
muscle magazines:

Bob Hoffman's Strength and

Muscular Development (a York
mag edited by the great John

Reg Park Journal.

Health and Strength, for our
British readers.

And a host of others.

Most of us who were young in that
era look back most fondly to Peary
Rader's wonderful old IronMan

It was the best of the best.

The reason why is two-fold.

Peary Rader believed in basic,
simple workouts, and what he
called "limited exercise

Lots of squats and a few other
basic exercises.

And not much else.

Similar to what I call "abbreviated

Second, Peary Rader tended to
focus on the average trainee,
NOT on the "champions."

Some of the other magazines
of the era ran feature after
feature telling us how so-and-so
bombed, blitzed and  blasted his
biceps, powerized his pecs, or
carved his wash-board abs

And they topped that off with
gossip columns where the
"insiders" gave us the monthly
scoop on everything that was
happening at Muscle Beach.

But IronMan gave us articles
by and about real people.

People who lived and trained in
the real world.

People who discovered interesting
new exercises, designed new pieces
of equipment, and figured out better
ways to build strength and muscle.

This was the stuff you didn't see
anywhere else - but trust me, it
was the only stuff that really
worked when it came to building
strength and muscle.

I'm trying to continue that tradition
in The Dinosaur Files.

It's a strength training journal that's
a lot like Peary Rader's old IronMan.

It doesn't focus on the "champions."

It doesn't cover the big contests.

It's not a supplement catalog.

And you won't see any air-brushed
photos or photos of roid-users.

It's old-school, basic, and simple.

The Dinosaur Files features my own
original articles, along with original
articles from your fellow Dinos.

It brings you what you need to read
for real results.

It's for people like us - people like
you and me - people who live and
train in the real world.

The Dino Files is available on
Kindle. We used to release it in
hard-copy, and then in PDF and
Kindle editions, but we're going
to limit it to Kindle from now on.

Kindle is easier and faster for us,
and it's far and away the best way
to bring you The Dino Files on a
regular basis.

And we don't have piracy issues,
which we have with our PDF

You can grab the current issue
right here in the Kindle bookstore:

I think Peary Rder would like what
we're doing - and that if he were
alive today, he'd read The
Dinosaur Files.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik