This Made My Day!

Fred Rollon, the "Human Anatomy Chart," demonstrates the kind of development you can build with old-school, drug-free strength training.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We released book 2 in the
Legacy of Iron series a
couple of days ago, and
not long after I rec'd an
email that really made
my day.

It was from one of our
longtime Dinos, who


I'm so excited to see the
first two Legacy of Iron
books on Kindle.

I have read all of the
books in this series in
paperback editions, and
loved them!

Now I can't wait to reread
them as e-books.

I just bought both of them
for my Kindle.


Rick N."

You can see why that made
my day - and you also can
imagine why Rick is so

Here's my guess . . .

I love hard-copy, ink on paper
books and courses, but the
Kindle books are pretty good,

There's no shipping and handling

They're cheaper.

You can carry 100 or more of
them around with you.

You can increase the font
size to whatever is easy to

Once you are in the Amazon
Kindle system you can buy
books with literally one click
of the button.

And for me, there's a huge plus -
it is MUCH faster to get new
books to you in the Kindle format.

MUCH faster.

And I really like that, because
we have tons of great stuff
coming for you.

So even if you like hard-copy,
Ink on paper, give our Kindle
books a try. I think you'll be
very pleasantly surprised.

Here are the links to grab
Legacy of Iron 1 and 2 on

Legacy of Iron 1

Legacy of Iron 2 - Clouds of War

Of course, if you grab one of the
little monsters (or both of them),
pls leave a review on our Kindle

Your reviews really help us - and they
help other Dinos found our books in
the Kindle bookstore.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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