The Dinosaur Wish List

These are some of our most popular books on Kindle. What would you like to see next?

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Yesterday I asked for feedback from
the Dinos.

I wanted to know which of my books
and courses you'd like us to release
in Kindle editions.

Obviously, we're going to work on
what you tell us you want to see.
We got a ton of responses, which I
have reviewed. I'm keeping a list of
the number of votes for each book
or course you want to see on

So far, the top items on the Dinosaur
Wish List are these (listed in no
particular order):

1. Gray Hair and Black Iron

2. Chalk and Sweat

3. Strength, Muscle and Power

4. Dinosaur Training (the original Dino

5. Dinosaur Dumbbell Training

6. The remaining books in the Legacy
of Iron Series

7. Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

We also got MANY requests to go
ahead and put the last volume of
the Knife, Fork, Muscle Kindle series
on line. (We broke it up into four
Kindle books to make it easier to
read, and need to release the last
in the series on Kindle.)

Since I can't work on everything
at once, I'm going to work on what
gets the most votes - so send me
an email and let me know what
you want to see next!

To make it easy, here's what's
available in hard-copy:

And here's everything that's
currently available in Kindle:

Take a look at both lists,
and let me know what to
work on next!

Thanks for your help and your

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

We have over 25 Dinosaur Training books and courses in the Kindle bookstore. 

For a complete list and links to all of them, go here: