Straight Talk on 20-Rep Squats

If you're serious about building strength and muscle, the squat bar is your best friend.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Hal Johnson is one of our long-
time Dinos.

He's also a big fan of 20-rep

He sent in the following email:

"I saw the email you sent on
'Those Pesky 20-Rep Squats'
and had to smile, as I greatly
'enjoy' them.

The popular mindset is the
whole 10 rep max for 20
reps thing (mostly parrotted
by arm-chair lifters on fitness
sites for the 'shock' factor).

But my research and under-
the-bar experience tells me
that's not the best way to do
it, especially if you're not 19.

That's not to say that 20-
reppers should be EASY. If
you don't collapse into a
twitching, gasping pile for
a good 10 minutes after
re-racking the bar, you
haven't done something

Having somebody to count
your reps out loud (really
loud) helps, as I tend to
forget about what rep I'm
on once I hit about 12 reps
(and my own name by rep
17 or so).

But, as you mentioned,
starting light is a must -
and you'll STILL be walking
funny for a couple of days.

We cover old-school training methods and old-school workouts in every issue of The Dinosaur Files - with plenty of advice and training ideas from Dinos around the world.

And also - for us older lifters,
once a week is plenty.

I tried the 2X per week thing,
and it burns you out quickly.

At the present time, I'm having
great success with a double
progression system, squatting
once a week, and adding five
pounds every other week.

As you call it, slow cooking. It

Hal Johnson"

Thanks for the feedback, Hal -
those are good tips, especially
for older Dinos.

Always remember - start light,
train progressively, and use
slow cooking. Works every

For best results, use old-school progression systems.

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training systems and slow-
cooking progression, grab
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Happy reading - and happy

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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