Those Pesky 20 Rep Squats!

Louis Abele built world-class strength and power - and plenty of muscle - by specializing on heavy leg and back work.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of our longtime Dinos is
switching from 5 x 5 for his
squats to 20 rep breathing

So he asked about where to
start and how to progress.

The answer is - start light
and progress gradually and

Now, please note - that's
sensible advice, but it's
NOT the standard advice
for the breathing squat.

The standard advice for the
breathing squat is to take
your maximum weight for
10 reps and force yourself
gut out a full 20 reps.

You're supposed to do them
until you get all 20 - or your
eyeballs pop out of your
head - or you cough up a
kidney - or - well, the
hyperbole goes on and

The problem is:

(1) All training should be
progressive, especially when
you switch to a new exercise
or a new set/rep system.

(2) If you kill yourself on
your 20 rep squats in the first
time you do them there's
very little room for slow,
sensible, long-term

(3) Jumping headfirst into
hard and heavy 20-rep squats
can cause crippling muscular
soreness - as in, you won't be
able to walk or sit properly
for days (or weeks).

In short, make haste slowly.

Also - very important - many of
our Dinos have had good luck
with 1 x 20 one week, and 5 x 5
the next week - and alternating
between them.

It's much easier on your body
(and your mind) to do it that

For a complete review of sensible
progression for the 20 rep squat -
and for many other old school
progression systems - see
Dinosaur Training Secrets,
Vol. 3.

The key to successful training is slow-cooking with old-school progression methods.

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Kindle editions:

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Enjoy the course - and go slow
and easy on those 20 rep squats -
or on any new exercise or new
set/rep system!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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