Not for Quitters (Part 2)

Hitting it hard at age 60 - and having more fun than ever!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I get two kinds of emails from
older Dinos.

The first one comes from guys
who look and feel GREAT as
a result of their training.

They may not be lifting as much
as they used to lift, but they're
still darn strong - and compared
to everyone else their age,
they're absolute supermen.

Most important, they're having
FUN when they train.

They may not be doing the same
things they did 20, 30 or 40 years
ago - but they're doing cool stuff,
and they're getting it done, and
they're having a blast every time
they hit the iron.

By the way, I also get the occasional
email from a longtime Dino's wife or
girlfriend, bragging about her man,
and thanking me for helping him
keep on training.

Those speak volumes.

If you're 60 or 70 and your lady is
bragging about you, that kind of
says it all.

The second kind of email comes
from older Dinos who've pretty
much thrown in the towel.

They just can't do it any more.

It's too frustrating to deal with the
dings and dents - and to have to
change things up and do things
differently just because Father
Time is being a bit of a jerk.

I can understand that.

What's the Jack Palance Line
from City Slickers?

"Growing older ain't for sissies."

Good line. It's true, too.

The point is, older Dinos need to
do everything they can to keep
on training.

Older Dinos need to do everything possible to maximize motivation and keep on getting it done. 

They need to keep their brains
active and sharp, and focused on
real-world, no-bull, no-nonsense
strength training.

They need to read about their
fellow Dinos - older trainees who
are hitting it hard and having fun
when they train.

It's the best way in the world to
stay in the game.

When I write books and courses -
or release an issue of The Dinosaur
Files - I'm not just giving you "how
to do it" information.

I'm giving you something that will
help put a fire in your belly - and
help keep it burning for as long as
you're breathing.

I hope it's helping. If it is, let me

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. Thought for the Day: "Stay strong,
have fun, and keep on hitting the iron!"
- Brooks Kubik

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