Dings, Dents and Work Arounds

I hit this 302 pound push press 20 years ago. At age, 60, with plenty of dings and dents, I can't lift what I once lifted - but I'm still training, still having fun, and still WAY STRONGER than most men my age. That's the magic of progressive strength training.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

After 60 years on the face of the
planet, and 51 years in the Iron
Mines, I have a fair amount of
dings and dents.

Everyone my age does.

It's part of getting older.

No big deal.

The important thing is to keep on

To do that, you need to work
around - or through - or under -
or over - those dings and dents.

If you can't do squats, do front

Or do Trap Bar deadlifts.

Or dumbbell squats.

Or use a safety squat bar.

Or a Dave Draper Top Squat.

Or push a car or a truck.

Or push a sled.

Or pull a sled.

Or do bodyweight squats.

Or kettlebell squats.

There are a ton of different things
you can do to train your legs.

Sure, squats are the best - but if
you can't do them, find an

The Dinosaur Files is a great source
of information about dings and dents,
and about how to keep on training.

That's because it features real world
articles by real trainees - who aren't
afraid to admit that they've got some
mileage on them.

And who have some very interesting
and very useful ways of working
around their dings and dents.

The other mags don't talk about this
very much (or at all). It's not "cool"
to admit that you can't do certain
exercises - or that you do kettlebell
squats now instead of the heavy
back squats you used to do.

But the other magazines push the
Fantasy World.

Muscle Beach, where it never rains,
never snows, and every day is sunnier
and more beautiful than the day before.

But you and I live in the real world -
the world where it snows, rains, sleets,
gets cold, gets hot, looks great and looks

And we deal with it.

We train in the real world - and we don't
let anything stop us.

That's the message of the Dinosaur Files -
and that's why we talk about dings and

The latest issue is right here - check it
out and see what you think:


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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