Not for Quitters

Age 60 - and still lifting - because "still lifting" is the important thing.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Bradley J. Steiner was my favorite
Iron Game author when I was a kid.

I remember many of the things he
wrote as if I had read them just

Steiner once said that the most
important function of a "muscle
magazine" was to give readers a
regular dose of motivation and

That would keep them training.

And if they kept on training, good
things were bound to follow.

In other words, it would keep
them from quitting. And that was
the really important thing.

I agree with that.

It's one of the reasons I publish
the Dinosaur Files.

Yes, each issue of The Files is
filled with tons of result-producing,
effective, no-nonsense training

Each issue has great workouts
in it.

Iron Game history.

Iron Game trivia.


Fun factoids about lifters and

And plenty of other stuff.

But the most important thing each
issue offers is a chance to rekindle
the all-important training fire.

Now, you might not think that
something like a regular training
magazine is so important.

But consider this.

I've been doing this for over 20 years
now, and I've seen plenty of gung ho
Iron Slingers come and go.

Sometimes they come back - years
later - and they sheepishly admit that
they stopped training for 5, 10 or even
20 years.

And they're sorry they did.

Me, too.

I wish it hadn't happened that way.

I'm thinking RIGHT NOW about one of
our long-time Dinos.

He's not training - or if he is, he's not
training very much.

Or very often.

Or very hard.

And guess what - he also doesn't read
the Dino Files.

Would the Files help him?


How much?

I don't know.

But given the importance of lifetime
strength and health, it would be worth
it to him to find out.

The Dinosaur Files aren't any kind of
magic pill, but they do help.

And we all need a little help every
once in a while.

Go here to grab the latest issue:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik