Train with Doug Hepburn!

Imagine how much you'd learn if you were able to train with Doug Hepburn! Well, you can - and here's how to do it.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Canada's Doug Hepburn was one
of the strongest men who ever

He also was one of the most
massively muscled men who
ever lived.

He won the Heavyweight Class
at the 1953 World Weightlifting

He won the Heavyweight Class
at the British Empire Games
(now the Commonwealth
Games) in 1954.

He set a multitude of World
records in a variety of different

He was the first man in the world
to bench press 500 pounds.

He is considered to be the
Father of Powerlifting.

And get this - he was self-taught,
self-coached and he did much of
his training by himself.

Yes, Doug Hepburn was a garage

And in his day, the strongest
man in the world.

I've put together a terrific course
that brings you ALL of Doug
Hepburn's strength, power and
muscle-building secrets.

It's exactly like joining Doug for
a workout in his private gym.

Meaning it's a lot like training
with Superman in his Fortress
of Solitude.

Now, you probably already know
quite a bit about building strength
and muscle.

But if you were able to go back
in time and train with Doug
Hepburn, we both know you'd
pick up plenty of great tips.

And just ONE training tip can
make all the difference.

Case in point - me.

I learned about bottom position
bench presses from Doug
Hepburn's old articles.

And I ended up winning five
National Championships in the
bench press after I started
doing them.

That was one tip - but it was a
good one.

You can grab The Doug Hepburn
Strength and Muscle Building
System on Kindle - by going
right here:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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