Stronger and Stronger

Keep on training - make it a regular part of your life - and stick with it from now until the end of your days. It's the best thing in the world.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Zail Khalsa, one of our longtime
Dinos, is just about my age (I'm
60), and he's been training for
pretty much his whole life.

He sent an email last week in
response to my comments
about quitters - and about
how important it is to keep
on training as you grow older.

He wrote:


Thank you for your no-nonsense

To quote Emile Coue:

"Every day, in every way, I'm
getting better and better."

Just depends on how you look at

Thank you again!

Zail Khalsa

I thought that was worth sharing -
for two reasons.

First, the focus on how to define
"better" is important.

I define "better" as "better than I
was the day before."

That puts the focus on the present -
and on progress.

Which are two very important

Also, someone once used the
famous Emile Coue quote for
strength training.

Instead of "better and better"
he changed it to "stronger and

Every single day, he looked in
the mirror and told himself:

"Every day, in every way, I'm
growing stronger and stronger."

And he ended up doing pretty
darn well - as in, World and
Olympic champion.

If you think you know who he
was, shoot me an email!

We'll see if anyone knows the

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As always, thanks for reading.
If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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