Legacy of Iron Feedback - and the Answer to a Question!

John Grimek finishing a heavy military press at an exhibition in Los Angeles. You'll learn tons about Grimek and his training in the Legacy of Iron series.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Someone asked why we're putting
the Legacy of Iron books on Kindle,
since they're already available in
hard-copy format.

"Are you still selling them in hard-
copy editions?" he asked.

The answer is - yes, we are. If
you want the hard-copy editions,
go to our products page and look
for the section headed NOVELS.

You can order them one by one or
save some bucks and order all five
of them together:


And if you want a shipping quote
on multiple books, shoot me an
email and we'll get back to you.

But back to the question - why
put the Legacy of Iron books on

The reason is, you've been asking
for them on Kindle!

For example, here's an email from
one of our Dinos who lives in Japan:

"I recently finished your Legacy of
Iron 1, and it was great! It helped
me get back into lifting, and I
decided I wanted to learn more
about the Olympic lifts.

I just wanted to know when you'll
be releasing the other books in
the series on Kindle?

I currently live in Japan, and
although I can get them shipped,
I still prefer the mobility of the
Kindle app.

I would love to know if they will
be going on to Kindle so I can
keep reading all of the books
in the series.

They're super addictive!

Jason N."

That's why we're doing it - to help
Dinos around the world grab the
entire series without having to
pay big bucks for shipping and
handling - and for Dinos like
Jason who just prefer the
convenience and mobility
of Kindle books.

So here are the links to the first
two Legacy of Iron books in the
Kindle bookstore:

Legacy of Iron 1


Legacy of Iron 2 - Clouds of War


We'll get the others up as fast as
we can.

By the way, there's going to be at
least one more book in the series.

Rumor has it that a guy at Dino
Headquarters is already working
on it.

So if you're a Legacy of Iron fan,
you've got a lot of great reading
coming your way.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik