Desert Island Training Equipment (Part 4)

John Grimek built the greatest physique of his generation with a basic barbell and dumbbell set that he "borrowed" from his older brother - leading to the inevitable line, "His brother got the barbell and John got the muscles."

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Last week, I asked you the
following question:

What would you take with you
if you were going to a desert
island and could take just
THREE pieces of equipment?

We got some great responses
from the Dinos, many of which
I have already shared with you.

Here are some more:

Rings, Chains, Plates

Easy! I'd take gymnast rings,
a chain, and a 20 kilo plate.

Anthony C.

Ropes and rings are favorites of many Dinosaurs. Here's one of my favorite pull-ups from Dinosaur Bodyweight Training.

Three at Age 66

My three choices would be:
1. My 35, 50 and 65 pound

As I get older (I'm 66) I am
enjoying one-arm snatches,
clean and jerks, and push
presses, especially with my

2. My JGXT Straps, which I
can hang off a tree branch if
need be.

3. My versatile sandbag, which
can weigh from 50 to 125 lbs.,
for all the gripping, farmers,
bear hug carries, shouldering
exercises and squatting

Ronnie T.

The York Big 10 and Big 12 Sets built tons of strength and muscle back in the day. They would be great for desert island training.

An Old-School Choice

If I were going to a desert island,
I would take a York Big 12 Barbell
and Dumbbell Set.

If it was good enough for all the
old-timers back in the day, it
would be good enough for me

Just look at the old magazines
from the 20's, 30's and 40's, and
see the good-looking, powerful
physiques that were built with
nothing but a basic home-gym
barbell and dumbbell set!

Dennis S.

Again, those are great choices.

What about YOU? What would
YOU take?

Shoot me an email and let
me know.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S.For older Dinos, I would highly
recommend taking a copy of Gray
Hair and Black Iron:

I'm betting that John Grimek would have chosen an adjustable set of heavy dumbbells for desert island training.

2.  My other books and courses are
right here at Dino Headquarters:

Hard-copy and PDF


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "You can
accomplish more than you think with
less than you imagine."
- Brooks

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