It's Here - the New Dinosaur Files!

The new issue of The Dinosaur Files includes a terrific old-school training program for Olympic weightlifters, with ways to adapt the program to other kinds of strength and power workouts. 
Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Breaking news!

The new issue of The Dinosaur
Files has landed.

We just released the little monster
on Kindle - and you can find it
right here:

Head on over and take a look at
the cover photo - and check out
the table of contents - and of
course, grab and read the little

It's a great issue, and I know
you're going to enjoy it.

You won't find anything else
like it - and you won't find
anything else that speaks to
YOUR training, YOUR
questions and YOUR interests
the way the Dino Files does.

That's because you're a Dino -
and the Dino Files is written
by and for Dinosaurs.

By the way, this is Issue No. 3
for 2017. We released issue no.
1 in January and issue no. 2 in
March. We're going to refer to
the issues by number rather
than by month because it's
easier to keep track that way.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Remember, you do NOT need
a Kindle reader to read Kindle

Amazon has a free app that you
can download - and it lets you
read Kindle books on your pc,
laptop, tablet, phone or any
other device.

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